Rewriting BIND as Zines

BIND RPG into the smallest functional units, and having each as a zine.

The parts would be:

  • Introductory adventure module (each with rules and pregenerated characters)
  • BIND Core (with Combat Options, overland travel rules, et c.)
  • Binding Stories (with Stories, Codes, and Races)
  • Binding Magic
  • Binding Judgements (for GMs)

Adventure Module

Each adventure would contain an aggressively cut-down copy of the rules, containing little more than action resolution.

Any additional rules could be scattered throughout the module. Once overland travel comes up in the adventure, the rules appear in a little box, in the same bullet-point format.

  • Instead of character creation, eight or so pre-made characters would come as a handout.
  • Instead of equipment lists (or prices), any town in the adventure module would have its own list of equipment, with prices.
  • Instead of a bestiary, all monsters would have their stats listed.
  • If any PCs have spells, a full description would be presented on the character sheet.
  • Similarly, NPCs would have any spells listed.
  • Knacks would also list their effects.

The idea is to make every adventure module self-contained, as long as the GM is comfortable making rulings on the fly.


  • Full Attribute and Skill lists, with examples.
  • Time and Space
  • Overland travel
  • Extended combat rules, for grappling, animals, et c.
  • Knacks

Binding Stories

  • Character creation rules.
    • Random character creation
    • Self-made characters
  • Making a background with Story Points.
  • Codes (i.e. Archetypes, used for gaining XP).
  • Spending XP.
  • Races: cultures and common concepts.
  • Big list of spells.

Binding Magic

  • Massive spell list.
  • How mana regenerates with the wind.
  • How to make your own spells.
  • How to make magical items.

Binding Judgement

  • World Generation
    • Random populations
    • Random encounters
    • Beyond the edge encounters
      • Random settlements for other races.
      • Random lost cities, and their contents.
      • Random magical places.
  • Flora and Fauna
  • Beasts
  • Rules and Tips
    • Creature morale
    • How undead work