Rewriting BIND as Zines

BIND RPG into the smallest functional units, and having each as a zine.

The parts would be:

  • Introductory adventure module (each with rules and pregenerated characters)
  • Rules (with Stories, Codes, Combat Options, Races)
  • Magic
  • GM's Guide

Adventure Module

  • The adventure (or collection of adventures?)
  • Instead of equipment lists (or prices), any town in the adventure module would have its own list of equipment, with prices.
  • A short rules summary at the end, around six pages in total.
  • Instead of character creation, eight or so pre-made characters would come as a handout.
  • If any PCs have spells, a full description would be presented on the character sheet.
  • Similarly, NPCs would have any spells listed.


  • Full Attribute and Skill lists, with examples.
  • Extended combat rules, for grappling, animals, et c.
  • Knacks

Players' Guide

  • Character creation rules.
  • Making a background with Story Points.
  • Codes (i.e. Archetypes, used for gaining XP).
  • Races: cultures and common concepts.


  • Full spell list
  • How to make magical items
  • How mana regenerates with the wind

GM's Guide

  • Full encounter lists.
  • Bestiary.
  • World background?