A Real-Time Vampire Chronicle

Using real-world time in RPGs has worked out great in my last fantasy campaign, so I'm thinking of using it for a Dark Ages: Vampire Campaign.

I want to create a game where every single neonate in the city has a player. I want to see a dozen players, all with a chatroom online, called 'Elysium', shooting the shit, making plans, and 'DMing' each other with skulduggery.

The campaign would be set in Belgrade, Hungary, in the year of our Lord 1130. Belgrade would have a limited number of feeding grounds, prized according to some difficulty number to hunt.

Area Difficulty
Church 9
Slums 4
Leper colony 3
Village 1 7
Village 2 7
Village 3 8

With limited areas, player characters would have a natural incentive to work against each other, but would probably not dare to kill each other. The natural strategy here seems to be a big smile when face-to-face, and secretly attempt to make a grab for resources from people not in the group.

Sires, Not Clans

Writing a campaign beforehand means knowing most of the Cainites in the area, which in turn means knowing every possible sire and clan (unless someone wants to play a Caitiff).

So the available pool of clans would shift, as different Cainites enter or leave the area.

So far, I'm thinking:

  • Ventrue (8th Generation)
  • Toreador (9th Generation)
  • Tzimisce (10th to 11th Generation)
  • Gangrel (12th Generation)
  • Malkavian (11th Generation)

Chat Rooms

I'm thinking IRC would be easiest. No sign-in or registration, people just put in a name and go from there.

It could even support a few different channel, which operate like locations.Maybe even a dice-roller, to allow a couple of basic actions.