Print it Yourself

I've decided against having online printing available for BIND. This may change, but here's the thinking so far:

Printing means I need to have the book mailed to me, but posting to Serbia means a whole bunch of faff. Of course, a voice in my head reminds me I could always find a way.

Send the book to a friend, and have them check it.

But setting up a book for printing means an outdated book. I'm always tinkering with BIND.

This habit's a time-sink. Best to finish the books, and leave them be.

...and that's a good option. However, it still means that a definitive printed book wouldn't have all those seasonal changes I like. Every month in our world, Fenestra (BIND's setting) starts a new season. And when Fenestra has a cold season, the one-shot adventure takes on descriptions of snow, and loads of other little details in the books change, like the opening scenes in the campaign setting.

Nobody cares about those small details.

And printing at a book-shop is just a nicer experience. You can pay online, and receive the book much faster.

Nobody does that. They want good quality books, not something with a plastic spiral-bound spine.

But BIND is now a consumable book . There are handouts inside the book which people must tear out.

You could just let people print them separately?

Yea, nah - this one seals it. If people print off character sheets, then they're already going to print something. The Book of Stories has 42 pages (once you remove the handouts), so that's only 21 pages if you print double-sided.

BIND books will exist to make a fun game, and be discarded. If anyone wants to repeat their campaign, they can always print another copy (with updates, and modifications for the current season).

So there's no more PoD, only PiY.