Ideas People

Oh young one! So you think you have an idea. Well EVERYONE has ideas. Nobody cares if you have ideas. The real results are in work, in the execution. It's about labour, not inspiration.

I've seen this kind of patronising lecture a few times on various RPG boards, and speaking as someone without any ideas, I fundamentally disagree.

Most of my RPG work has involved taking other people's ideas and polishing them. I have the stamina to write, review, test, and repeat for months. Sometimes years, if the ideas still feel fun.

I don't have a lot of great ideas. Any 'ideas' I have usually involve breaking down a system into Maths - just sets and numbers - then rebuilding the function with a shorter route.

I love ideas people, because they give me the ideas I work with.

I don't want to indicate that I will work on anyone's ideas. I don't have any interest in most ideas. I have to sift through myriad comments on boards before I'll find anything that looks remotely useful.

So I'll join a patronizing rant when it comes to the vanishingly few people who think they can start a business by stating an idea, then lying back and getting work-monkeys to work for them. But people who just want to hand out ideas? Sign me up.