BIND Roadmap

BIND currently has 20 things to do, and needs translated into typst, the sparkly-new typestting tool. That's a lot, so I guess here's the roadmap.


Magic needs a complete do-over:

Spells Not Spheres

  1. All spells should be 'level 1' (i.e. level distinctions must be removed). All higher-level spells should be derived from lower level spells with enhancements.
  2. Add a 'solid' enhancement, which is a requirement for targeting heavy things.
  3. Create one interpretation for every one of the spell enhancements:
    • solid
    • complex
    • sentient
  4. Finally figure out a satisfying interpretation for polymorph.

Three types of magic

Basic spells use Charisma. The caster speaks to plans, begs the gods, or whatever, and casts within a few rounds.

Fast spells use Wits, and would be dangerous. Misfires on the roll would mean nasty consequences, like picking the wrong target, or changing spell (perhaps the most recent spell cast?).

Ritual spells use Intelligence, and will allow massive amounts of mana to boost spells to new levels. These spells will cost crazy amounts of mana to boost, but could eventually crate extremely powerful spells - sentient acidic oozes, village-wide fireballs, enough wind to power a boat.

Of course, with three attributes, casters will likely specialize.

Continuous Spells

All spells could be cast as 'continuous', which should cut the distinction between 'instant' and 'continuous'. 'Fireballs' of course would burn up, so there's no need to keep the spell going, but in theory all spells would be continuous.

Simplified Spell Lists

With all this spell-creation, there should be some list of pre-made spells, like 'fireball', or 'raise ghast', which just spit out the stats.

Spell Failure

Something to make spells more interesting would be good - something which spits out a random spell, or effect.

Create Tie Conditions

BIND will default to tie conditions, so when a player rolls the TN, they can gain the success and failure conditions of a roll, at the same time, or neither.

Lore Changes

BIND's lore kinda sucks. I'd prefer to focus on modules which look at local lore, and leave the rest as history.

The rex had such perfect defences that nobody imagined anyone could bring him down. He had protective spells, mages, and a series of illusions to stand in for him, so convincing that no assassin could make sure they had found the real king.

That was going to become the rex's lore, but maybe he could die when everyone realises that since nobody sees him, he's become irrelevant. The illusions can take his place.


The existing books could be split into smaller zines.

  1. Modules come first, which have about six pages of condensed rules at the back.
    • Premade characters would be included.
    • If a character has a spell, the spell would be printed on the character.
    • Lists of things to buy in each town (if any)
    • Encounter tables for the area.
  2. Core Rules would include combat, actions and knacks.
  3. Character Creation would include making characters, spending Story Points, Codes (to gain XP), and notes on races. The GM needs none of this.
  4. The GMs book would contain the standard GM advice, notes on undead, and some random tables.


This entire project needs ported to typst. This will take forever, but it'll be worth it. TeX is dead, time for some new blood!