Realtime Synchronization with Story Weaving

Ideas on Campaigns with Real-time synchronization seemed interesting, but I'm unsure how they will interact with my Story Weaving methods of constructing adventures.

Presumably, if nobody who started part 1 of a thread is present, then part 2 will simply not appear. But what if 1 party member who saw part 1 is present? How much exposition will be forced on that player?

The general structure of such stories happening to the party, rather than individual characters having to perform tasks X then Y suggests some flexibility.

It could be a nice way to tie different players together - they may not have seen what happened last time, but they can feel themselves being part of the same world.

Locations Make the Heart

In the BIND RPG's Campaign Adventures in Fenestra, rather a lot of stories follow a format of 'clue-clue-clue-location', where nothing can resolve until the party arrive at a particular location. This should fit fine with a changing party, as rumours abound of events happening somewhere, but the real meat of the session occurs at a particular place.


Other stories present more challenges. In Fenestra's story The Wolf Heads, and The Little Prince, someone saves the party, and the party can save them (or vice versa). These tales presuppose an existing relationship with the party in order for part 2 to occur, but I think this still works so long as at least one member of the original party remains with the troupe - and if not, the threat can simply be skipped over until someone who originally interacted with the characters is present.

Background information should work the same. The various parts of The Spider Queen mostly exist to establish that the Spider Queen is a seriously dangerous force in the local environment. Any interaction between different players should be enough for them to swap tales of their encounters, and thereby show exactly what havoc she will create for the local villages if left unchecked.

All in All

I feel pretty confidence real-time synchronization won't interfere with Story Weaving, in fact it may even enhance the feeling of realism among a large group of players.